Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gita Audio files for download

Download Audio Files of Gita(Bhagavadgita) Chanting in Sanskrit. 

Recently my mom wanted the sankrit chanting of Gita slokas on her phone. I googled and was surprised that I had to spend more than half an hour to search and download the files. The closest was this(http://www.astrojyoti.com/bhagavadgitamp3.htm) but the links were all broken. I had to manually copy the urls to browser and download. If you are searching for the download of Gita files you are in luck. Just click on the download links in below table.

If you are a developer and want to know what I did read on.

Introductory Dhyana Slokas
Chapter 1 – The Despondency of Arjunahttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita01.mp3
Chapter 2 – Sankhya Yogahttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita02.mp3 
Chapter 3 – The Yoga of Actionhttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita03.mp3   
Chapter 4 – The Yoga of Wisdomhttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita04.mp3
Chapter 5 – The Yoga of Renunciation of Actionhttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita05.mp3
Chapter 6 – The Yoga of Meditationhttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita06.mp3
Chapter 7 – The Yoga of Wisdom & Realisationhttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita07.mp3
Chapter 8 – The Yoga of the Imperishable Brahmanhttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita08.mp3
Chapter 9 – The Yoga of the Kingly Science & Secrethttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita09.mp3
Chapter 10 – The Yoga of the Divine Glorieshttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita10.mp3
Chapter 11 – The Yoga of the Vision of Cosmic Formhttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita11.mp3
Chapter 12 – The Yoga of Devotionhttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita12.mp3
Chapter 13 – The Yoga of Distinctionhttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita13.mp3
Chapter 14 – The Yoga of the Division of Tri-Gunashttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita14.mp3
Chapter 15 – The Yoga of the Supreme Spirithttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita15.mp3
Chapter 16 – The Yoga of the Divine & the Demonhttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita16.mp3
Chapter 17 – The Yoga of the Threefold Faithhttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita17.mp3
Chapter 18 – The Yoga of Liberation by Renunciationhttp://media.astrojyoti.com/stotras/BhagavdGeeta/Bhagavad-gita18.mp3

Techies read on. Well I was not in mood to spend time on automation/macros. So today I took out some time to automate those and learnt a few things in the process :P

  1. It is difficult to copy the columns from a HTML table. Download https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/table-capture/iebpjdmgckacbodjpijphcplhebcmeop?hl=en . This extension will help you highlight(lowlight in fact :P) and copy the table contents to a google doc.
  2. In google doc you can select a column. I selected the column that contains the download url (just text and not the download link)
  3. By the way when you have a column that is created using formula but you want to convert that to just plain values. Do a copy of the column and then do a past special with 'paste only values' option.
  4. You can use  =LEFT(B2, FIND("mp3", B2)+2) to extract the text ending with first occurance of mp3
  5. To force download a file on the client side you can use the download attribute in the anchor tag. Check out my links Download MP3 to know more :)
    BTW if you are thinking why am I mixing up stuff, I recently realised that the reason most people don't share their learnings is that they try to make it very organized and in the process loose their motivation. So I am planning to share my knowledge more in an adhoc manner which reduces the burden on me.


    Banu said...

    Useful page. Only not able to download all the odd chapters. If corrected will be very useful. Thank you for the wonderful job done.

    raju banne said...

    Very thankful to u for b.geeta

    Jeevanlal said...

    Very intelligent and useful attempt. I experienced difficulties like you.and was searching other sites. But you made it simple. Many thanks to the Bhagwan in side you. Many thanks to you too.

    harish H.M said...
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    harish H.M said...

    Thanks a lot...Great Work...If you have Narasimha Shloka or Any other Shlokas...Please Add them here...

    AV Bagur said...

    A very good attempt. I am not able to down-load the Gita. Can you help me?

    Sree said...

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful blog. i could easily download all the chapters of geetha. My long time desire to teach my son bagavath geetha is successful through this. my 6 year old could grasp it very well. A heartfelt thanks again.

    Vijay Kulkarni said...

    Excellent! !!

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    Thanks a lot, Gokul !
    I was able to download all addhyayas..

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    Thank you!!