Saturday, November 11, 2006

"Our life today is the result of the decissions we made yesterday and the decissions we make today are going to decide out destiny tomorrow".

We keep on walking along a path and we come to the point where the path bifercates. And here starts out dilemma. A path most frequently traversed and one less traversed but the one we would like to traverse. Finally with lot of thinking and advices ( generally useless but the person giving them feels that he is doing the best he can do for you. While actually he is doing the other way.) we zero in upon one of them. And then onwards our life becomes the result of that decission. We may find this path good and worth pursuing but still deep within the hearts we feel that "What if I had chosen the other path. It is called the 're loka' in kannada. AA dina naanu odhidda're', avalu nannnannu maduve aagidda're', aa kelasa sikkidda're' wagera wagera. It happens with me, it happens with you, it happens with the person who fixed your computer, it happens with the person who stared at you last day, it happens with your boy friend or girl friend who ditched you recently.

And today I am on one of such crossroads.

To decide between MBA and MS.

This moment I am dead sure that I will go for MS. Ask me a moment later and I will tell you "I am cocksure that I will take on MBA,come what may!". I am so fickle minded and the tragedy is that I enjoy being so. I am so amazed of my unique talents. Every time I think of taking a firm decission to select between the two, I come up with such wonderful reasons, to put it off for then(that particular moment). Human brain is so awsome that it can come up with such silly reason and still make you believe that it is a very genuine reason.
On one fine day I am going to make this decission and I know I can. But by that I will wither be in IIMB or MIT(no giggles please I am serious!).May be not that late,but we should accept that important decissions in life takes some time. But I know I can do it. Remember that old sweet school song "We shall overcome, we shall overcome , we shall overcome one day............".
This is the line that has always kept me going.(You know how hard it feels when you get those internal marks and vtu results. Whenever you feel let down remember that line `we shall overcome "one day"'. At the end of my last semester(specially during those study holidays) I made a decission that next semester I will start preparing right from the beginning. This semester I took that oath again and I am sure I will take that oath next semester also.

One great man once said ( as i donot know who the person was and when he said, to be frank I donot if he is great but one thing I am sure is that the saying is great)

" The only reason that the humanity has come this far is, the only hope that tomorrow will be better than today...."

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