Saturday, October 11, 2008

How palmistry began? (Imaginary)

Long long ago but not so long ago there were two close friends. They studied together under the guidance of a Guru. The guru was a wise old man. He was a man of few words. But he was highly respected in the community for the value of his words. In the course of time both the friends completed their education. They had learnt various sciences,history, arts, economics so on and so forth. But still they both had a question in their mind which was bothering them.They were waiting for the right time to get an answer to this question from their Guru.

On the day of leaving the ahram they finally posed their question to the Guru.

Friends : Who decides our destiny?

Guru : Your destiny lies in your hands.

Both of them went back to their homes. They started working on their careers. Both of them were successful.
But one friend became successful by ruining the lives of many people.
The other friend became successful by making lives of many people successful and more meaningful.
The former had gone on to become a palmist (astrologer) and the latter had gone on to became a successful entrepreneur (and owned a chain of hotels).

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