Thursday, February 4, 2010

When the teacher was ready!!! (Part 4)

I had got the job and I was all set to begin my journey in teaching profession from the next day. But the dean had not even mentioned about the salary. I actually thought that it was in my advantage, as i felt that i will have an upper hand in bargaining after proving myself than before proving myself. Money was never a matter of concern. But the pride of being able to bargain and get what you want, was. So I had to prove my mettle before the dean would call me for bargaining so that he would get the maximum of services at the cheapest rate possible. This was one thing that I hated. It might be meaningful in other business(even in business it doesn't make sense in the long term), but in education I somehow feel that it is not the right way to recruit.Why can't the management pay based on the competence showed by the individual., I asked myself. But I left, the question as it is.

What is the reason we don't have many good teachers today.It is not that there are no answers to this questions. It is just that nobody has bothered to find one. I feel the reason is that there is no competition in teaching profession. And there will be competition in any job only when people are paid aptly and based on their competence and not on experience. People nowadays take up teaching as a last option.

How can somebody whose last option is teaching bring about a change in the lives of the students.

How can somebody who waits for the month-end to collect the salary, can even think about bringing a change in students attitude.?

How can somebody who doesn't like the subject himself, create love for the subject in minds of the students.?

How can somebody who is not ready to accept his ignorance, can instill an attitude of inquiry in students.?

How can somebody who is not a good student himself, can become a teacher for other students.?

How can somebody whose thinking is limited to four walls teach the students about the world outside.?

How can somebody who doesn't like what he is  doing, make learning a happy and wholesome process for the students.?

I set out to find out my own answers for these questions. The answers that I found and my experiences while finding those answers form a major part of my later posts.

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