Friday, February 8, 2008

I blog therefore i am

To do 'something' continuously and consistently is a herculean task, however simple that 'something' may be.

And diary is one which for sure test your mettle. I for that matter have made 'n' number of unsuccessful attempts. Each time I failed I came back with more vigor and determination but only to fail more miserably.

You keep maintaining a diary. And a fine day arrives which keeps you busy throughout the day. And you have a blank white page in your diary, staring directly into your eyes, scaring you, before you can even make sense of what happened. And believe me there is nothing I can recall which is more demotivating than a blank white page when you are writing a diary. So I had to work out a way, so that I could maintain my diary.

And the solution was this particular book (Background: I had written this in my diary before moving to the blog) I am writing in.
  • It is cute sweet looking book, that can motivate me to write.
  • It has no date printed on pages, but has space for the date.
  • The pages can be easily filled, so you feel a sense of accomplishment every time you complete a page.
  • It is a companion that listens to whatever you say but never question you. Unlike people it does not judge you on what you say (reveal) to them or how you say to them.

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