Monday, October 4, 2010

Highlights : Bangalore Indiblogger Meet

When     : 3rd October 2010
Where    :  Fortune Park JP Celestial
What      :  Indiblogger Meet
Twitter    : @indiblogger
Trending :   #indiblr

There are going to be a zillion posts on this topic. So i will only write about the highlights.

  • Awesome location :  Fortune Park JP Celestial.
  • Cave like entrance and lots of cavemen (read as indipolice)
  • More than 250 bloggers.
  • Live tweet streaming was great and innovative.
  • Meet started 20 mins late.
  • Girls to boys ratio was very low, and only few hot chicks :(
  • Introductions were long and a bit boring. But a wide variety of folk were out there
  • 3 lucky guys walked away with HP printers for theirs intros. I didn't get any though I deserved one
  • Write on our backs : The comments galore, wish my blog had so many comments
  • 15 mins wasted on mobile blogging, he could have as well just shared the link
  • Case study by Raghava(who called himself bling photographer) was inspirational
  • Open discussion for guidelines of the forum.(Indiblogger teams attempt to portray themselves as democratic)
  • Three winners for sprit of bangalore photo contest.
  • A clean,simple,great  ppt on how HP is adapting to the new generation demands.
  • Snacks and tea time. Samosas were worth loosing the sunday after-noon nap.
  • Promotion of social causes in the meet was nice :)
  • I mentioned about my sanskrit site
  • Voila we got indiblogger T shirt...
Live Tweets

And few things off the record ....
  • The most famous line : I write some crap stories on my blog
  • The most innovative idea of the meet : IndiBRA
  • The coolest chick in the house :  Indipolice chick at registration desk (man she was hot)


Addy said...

LOL! thats the most precise and concise meet review ever! and btw Rashmi is not an IndiPolice, she is IndiBoss! Not kidding! Great Review!

Stumblednews said...

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Raj said...

Nice writeup, promoted it .. Can you read my review here and vote for it if you like.

umapoems said...

Lovely meet well written

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Zirka said...

Nice and Crisp!

Tavish {Sensible Bakwas} said...

that was the most precise review lolzz... keep blogging!

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Good you wrote it in points. I was getting bored reading the same story like stuff (including mine). your post is a welcome change