Friday, October 29, 2010

3G : Mom is the world..

"Guys of your age should be going out with girlfriends and having fun, Shravan" she told. 

Shravan is her only son and her only hope in life. Two decades ago when her husband died, she lost all hopes and was crestfallen. Plans of killing herself crossed her mind too. But when she looked into the innocent eyes of Shravan, she knew she had to live and indeed she did. She got back to her life. But there was no life in her. She started to hate everything around her. She locked all the doors around her which would lead to the world outside. Her only connection to the outside world was Shravan. And Shravan made sure that his Mom didn't miss the world too much. Though he didn't hate the world like his mom did, he didn't find it interesting. His Mom was the world to him. He felt comfortable with him Mom and he was happy being that way. He didn't feel the need for extra love and care from others as his mom always made sure that he gets enough.

"May be thats true. But they don't have a Mom like you :) So they have to. I don't know Mom. Whenever I sleep on your laps, I feel so protected and get peace of mind. I am happy for that. I have no regrets of not having a Girl Friend" said Shravan. They hugged each other and he slept on her laps.

"Wake up Shravan, Its 7 you need to go office..", the sound brought him back from sleep. He woke up to see the smiling face of him mom. This had been the routine right from the day his Dad had expired. He never woke up without looking at his mom's face. The smile on her face was his driving force. He spoke to  his Mom for sometime and got ready for the office. He was having breakfast and the bell rang. It was the signal from his friend Sharath, who was waiting for him outside. "Ok Mom, I am leaving to office", Shravan said looking into his phone and he left. 

She (Shravan's Mom) had died 2 years ago. Shravan was in a situation similar to what his Mom was in a few decades ago, but this time it was more worse because he had no one else. Nobody ever imagined that he could cope up with the loss. Looking at the way he had  handled himself for the first few days after his Mom's demise, everybody felt that he would not last longer than a week or so.  But thanks to the new app 3G Buddy(Virtual simulation of your loved ones), which brought back his mother to life and hence saved a life (or should i say two.?).

There are many Shravans out there in the world. I wish 3G Life will being their loved ones back to life.


Nandhini said...

The post started off well. I wish it could have been taken better. Nice concept!

Manjunath said...

Nicely written could have been as nandhini said! and promoted your post!

Gokul said...

Hm... thanks Nandhini and Manjunath. Ya I think what you guys said is true. I was trying to keep it short and felt little handicapped. Will try better next time. :)

Pratibha The Talent said...

very touching lines just below the picture lifted the post too high but lost the flow in end .Concept is great and the thought process is very clear .

Anonymous said...

hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o: