Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ads : Short and expressive

Can you put across an idea effectively in less than 10 seconds with an audience that you have no connection with? Ads answers affirmatively to this. And that is the reason I have always believed that ads are the best form to show case one's talents if one is interested in fields like acting, direction and cinema.

Marketing in itself is a huge market and it is in-fact a science. It is as much science as math or physics is. But instead of studying static entities like geography and algebra, it ties to analize  the more dynamic entity namely human beings. With dwindling attention span of the current generation it is really a difficult task to capture the imagination of the you and old alike. But there are few marketing campaigns that achieve this feat seamlessly.
And the  marketing campaign of Kotak Mahindra on the eve of turning 25 is one such example.

This was their ad campaign in print

and these are there videos in the TV and internet.

and this is their website for the event

Why was I impressed with the ad campaign?

  1. Marketing campaign spread over print, media and internet(you tube banner ad).
  2. Print ad on TOI first two pages. Pleasing + Capturing the attention + User participation.
  3. Youtube Videos. Short + Creative + Emotional appeal + No on the face promotion of products.
  4. Over all : Celebration of 25th anniversary can easily connect with you and old alike.
  5. Over all : Concentrating on the long term brand building rather than promotion of individual products.

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