Sunday, August 9, 2009

Googol : The hundredth POWER OF TEN

Larry got the spelling of googol wrong and a multibillion$ worth company by the name google was born. So did our people function team and our team googool got a second prize in the collage.

The collage competition was held as a part of tenth anniversary celebratin at Mindtree, the companhy I work for. The theme given was "POWER OF TEN". We were given 90 minutes for the completing our collage. At the last we were given 3 minutes to explain what we were trying to represent through our collage. Here is a snap of our collage and the explanion we gave.

Explanation : Through this collage we are trying to represent what differentiates mindtree from other companies. We feel that it is CLASS values that differentiates mindtree from others. For us Gandhi represents the CLASS value. Since CLASS values form the basis of mindtree, the 10 INR currency notes forms the base of our image. We particularly used the 10 INR currency as it goes well with the theme power of 10.

When you go a layer above that we have the DNA of our company : Imagination Action and Joy. It is represented by the palm imprints in three different colours red, blue and yellow. They represent Imagination manifesting in the form of Action and leading to Joy.

Above this layer you have a bunch of 1 rupee coins(the face with three lions displayed)forming the number 1 in turn. It represents the vision of the company that is to achieve 1 billion in revenues. It also represents the other face(unseen) of the coins that is 1. It is surrounded by a circle of Gandhi images forming a zero. 1 and 0 together form 10 representing the 10 years of journey that mindtree has gone through.

Finally the mission of the company is represented by our caption.

· 1 Innovative idea

· 10 Year of journey

· 100s Of Successful customers

· 1000s Of Happy people

As you can observe these are powers of 10 and finally our team name is Googol which is the 100th power of 10.

Hence through our collage we have represented the theme power of 10 and company mindtree without mentioning either of them.

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